कैसे लिखने के लिए अच्छा परिवर्तित बिक्री की नकल

अच्छी कॉपी राइटिंग लिखना किसी भी ऑनलाइन मार्केटर की रोटी और मक्खन है, यह शब्दों को सोने या ऑनलाइन राजस्व में बदलने की आपकी क्षमता है।

The ultimate goal of copywriting, whether in your sales letter, emails or blog content is to improve conversions or increase the chances of your audience performing your most desired outcome.

Here’s some great tips for writing better sales copy in your business:

Headlines: Use bold and striking fonts within limits.

Open your headline with the inverted commas and use only red and black fonts.

Do not use full capitals for words or it will look like you are screaming.

Follow up your headline with a sub headline: The subheadline’s goal is to exemplify the idea of the headline and should ideally be slightly smaller in font size compared to the headline.

Whenever promoting something: always remember to show the benefits or give compelling reasons for buying the product.

Show how much that not getting the product can result in more pain than getting the product.

Why Helping Others Can Make You Happy

Have an FAQ section for your product.: When you promote a product, there is bound to be many questions that would pop up in the heads of your readers.

Having an FAQ serves to be a place where you can handle or deal with any last minute objections to your product.

Call to action. Possibly: one of the most important components is the call to action.

It will be the place where people make a purchase or performed your desired action so make sure you include it in before your “add to cart” button.

Post scripts: These are last minute call to actions which capture “page scrollers” or people who just need that final push to purchase that product.

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