Headline essentials für hohe conversions

Headline Essentials in Texten so wichtig sind, dass Sie schreiben können, ein Buch über es! Schlagzeilen sind in fast überall in Ihrem sales-Kampagne, von landing-pages, E-Mails, blog post und vor allem Verkäufe Buchstaben.

If you don’t optimize your headlines, you will be leaving tons of money on the table.

Here’s some instant tips for improving your headline copy:

Use either red or black fonts: This has been tested and proven by the most successful marketers.

If you are graphic design savvy you may design your own neat headline banners but remember to give it that “headline” feel.

Always open and close with the inverted commas ( “ “).

Spark curiosity so that they will continue reading: If you fail to catch your readers attention within the first 5 seconds of visiting your page – You’ve failed.

Use powerful words that tie together with words related to your niche: For example if you were in the make money online business you would use words like “Financial freedom” and “rat race” because these words are what people in this niche are generally interested in.

Choose a good font: Some big flashy fonts that make great headlines include Impact, Arial Black, ChunkFive, to name a few.

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In short, the ultimate goal of the headline is not to sell immediately, but to stir up the emotions of your readers.

It can spark emotions such as curiosity, greed, joy, fear, lust and even confusion.

As long as your headline is targeted and gets your readers to continue reading below, it has served its purpose.

Most importantly, don’t forget to test and tweak your headlines for maximal conversions, or you’ll be putting lots of money on the line.

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